Browser based online access
Timer based Tests
Types of Questions
Intuitive Dashboard
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Key features
Browser based online access
Organize tests online for users to attend tests on the internet from anywhere
Timer based Tests
Set timeline for attendees to complete the test in a stipulated time frame.
Types of Questions
Objective answer based questions
Descriptive answer based questions
Fill in the blanks
Most appropriate answer based questions
Find the redundant statement
Find the error in the statement
Image options based questions
Audio options based questions
Video options based questions
Multiple answers based questions
Essay writing
Intuitive Dashboards
Simple but powerful dashboards provide qualitative analysis of ranking, strength and weakness analysis
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FlinkAssess is an IT–enabled knowledge assessment tool offered by Flink Solutions under its Talent Management suite of services. This hosted solution adds nimbleness to an organization’s knowledge assessment process. Customers will be able to manage assessment of candidates, employees and students qualitatively, quickly and a lower cost.